The Rebab: the Bedouin’s companion in his journey

Suad al Balushiyya

Photograph: Samah al Rawahi & Issa al Raeisi

The rebab is a type of a bowed string instrument with a sad tone, used mostly by nomads. Rebab adds a nomadic atmosphere in Muscat Festival as it is an element of the Omani culture especially Bedouin culture.

Rebab has been added to Muscat Festival events with a view to preserve its identity from extinction. It is Ahmed as’Siyabi from Nakhal who plays this instrument as he has been very fond of it since 20 years.

Ahmed explained more that Rebabah was used mostly by Majlist (small council) of poets, and night wakers to escape from world of reality and a psychological discharge away from the stresses of life.

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