Nasma al Raeisi and Salim Qitn revive the Naseem’s singing concert

Khalid Al-Rawahi

Photograph: Elham al Kalabaniya

The first singing concerts in Muscat Festival 2019 kicked off this Thursday hosting two famous Omani singers Nasma al Raeisi and Salim Qitn.

The concert was initiated by Salim Qitn who participates in the festival for the second time since 2016. Salim sang in harmony some famous Omani songs like Qaswat Inadak and Ya Zein Sali. Salim said that such festivals offer a good chance for Omani singers to gain more attention, which in return gives them more stimulation to continue.

Female Omani singers has also gained their share in the concert, and this time with Nasma al Raeisi who has ignited the audience with her performance, singing some Omani and GCC songs like Daari Oman, La Tilitihi and Weinak Habibi. Nasma tells about her first days in singing when her art teacher urged her to participate in a short singing operetta in Muscat.

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