Nadiyah al Shamsiyyah relates the authentic past of Oman through Oman’s traditional jewellery

Omani traditional jewellery relates the authentic past of Oman’s heritage which has been maintained and passed by a generation to another. There is so much can be told through the jewellery like its real value, the effort being made to make it and the level of accuracy of its maker “goldsmith”.

Nadiyah’s workshop which was held in cooperation with Muzain for Omani jewellery attracts many visitors and hobbyists of such handicraft. It lasts for four days and will go through both parts theoretical and practical. Nadiyah has been awarded the Iqtisadi Roya award as the best handicraft project.

It is worth mentioning that there will be a an exhibition for the products made in this workshop held on Friday January 18th 2018.

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